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The San Antonio Ethnic Arts Society's "Scholarship Program" was formed in 2004. The first scholarships were awarded to four students in August, 2005.
The purpose of this program is to provide an avenue for young art students to study, explore, exhibit and become aware of the various techniques and mediums used to create visual art. We also prepare students with guidelines for the use of art in life.

The program is open to students between the ages 10 and 17 (sixth grade through high school).

Students applying for a scholarship must meet the following requirements:

A sincere interest in visual art.

Open to learning and perfecting new techniques/mediums.

Complete support of parents

Have a skill in at least one visual art medium.

Commit to attending all scheduled classes.

Students accepted in the program are allowed to continue in the program through graduation from high school, provided he/she has met all requirements and the class instructor has submitted a written review at the end of each class session of the student's satisfactory completion of the class.

Classes are taught by a member of SAEAS or the student is enrolled in a local art school. SAEAS tries to start a student with a course he/ she is familiar with. Class location varies, depending on the instructor.

All supplies are provided by SAEAS.

Each class session is for a period of four months. Classes are generally held on Saturdays (this depends on the instructor).

All perspective students must complete an online application here:


Currently, SAEAS has a support level of four students (subject to change). Slots become available when a current student either graduates or drops out of the program. Once an opening is available, a new scholarship can be granted
When available, scholarships are granted in September.

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